A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all
— Michael LeBoeuf

We get some wonderful feedback from our customers.  Sometimes folks share some of their journeys in life while others just tell us they are completely addicted to our soap.  We cannot be more thankful for everyone who supports our dream, and when you all take the time to let us know how we are doing, it makes us beam with joy.

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On my last invoice you queried how I learned about you wonderful soap. Two Christmases ago I received a bar of goat milk soap from Tractor Supply as a gift, when I went looking for more I found that it was a seasonal product . I checked the internet and found your soap listed on Amazon but decided to purchase directly from your website. It was love at first wash! I love to give bars as gifts as well and you may see an increase in orders from the south Alabama area because everyone that I gift it to asks for website. I have two dear friends who are battling breast cancer right now (one for the third time) and the chemo is very hard on their skin. I make them “blessing bags” each month with various comfort items like cozy socks, lip balm, adult coloring books, hard candy, etc to try to make things a little easier but the one guaranteed item is a bar of Sparrow Soap and I will always do so. My sister has psoriasis and your soap is the only scented soap that she has been able to use in years! p.s. The shampoo bars are awesome, please add them to the line up. I have dry hair and scalp, my husband has oily and they work equally well for both! Have a blessed day.
— Jennifer M
My family and I love doing business with your company. You always make our orders special. Thank you for the soap deck and for including the salt bar because you felt the last Castile bar was too small. It’s such a pleasure doing business with honest and ethical people (far too rare these days). May God continue to bless you, your farms and your families!
— Alton
I am a farm girl from Wisconsin and am always looking to buy from family-owned small farms. I came across your website while searching for local goat milk soap producers. My whole family is now hooked on your products-just tried the shampoo bar-it is awesome!!! And the love you put into every order is wonderful-I love the personal handwritten notes, the bible verses and the other special extras you include with every order. Keep up the faith and keep up the quality products.
— Lori
One of the best things about Sparrow Soaps is that it is nearly impossible to choose what scents to buy because they all smell so darn amazing! I thoroughly enjoyed visiting them at Beltane’s market and most of all their monthly CSA. They always included a sweet quote and a special little token of appreciation with each shipment. Great quality, great service, and a lasting appreciation from your body’s largest organ, the skin, every time you use any of their products!
— Erin
I have tried alot of homemade (my word for it) soaps. This is by far the best. The lather is great, the smell actually last (most don’t) , it is affordable. I use nothing else now. Plus who doesn’t love the pictures of the baby goats. I don’t live close by so I buy online! Won’t buy anywhere else!
— Lori
Your soaps are by far the BEST and all I buy now! They feel so good on your skin and I love that everything is all natural! Your soap lasts and doesn’t ever lose it scent! I usually get severe dry skin in the winter months and using your soap has helped tremendously! I would recommend Sparrow Soaps to anyone!!
— Mindie
We love Sparrow Soaps! My sister has EXTREMELY sensitive skin and bad allergies (gives her welts, bad) to every soap she’s tried. I decided to see if she’d be willing to try Sparrow Soaps, and it worked! She has now started using their shampoo bar for the same reason!
I have also had success with using this on my daughter with her eczema. And that’s with a scented kind!
Thank you, Sparrow Soaps, for a wonderful product!
— Sharron
For a few years we have been using Sparrow Soap exclusively. At first my husband was not convinced that it was worth the extra $ per bar. No longer, he looks forward to the next purchase I come home with! In fact, he even wanted to know when I was going to bring home another shampoo bar. My funniest story was when we arrived in Michigan recently and I found a bar in the bathroom wrapped in totally stuck toilet tissue. He had brought it with him ..... wrapped it wet! We got a soap box. Love this soap.
— Deborah