Oatmeal & Milk Bath

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oatmeal milk bath.jpeg

Oatmeal & Milk Bath


One of our newest gift creations!

Get a spa experience without even leaving your home! Our Oatmeal and Goat Milk Bath is made with a simple recipe of shredded goat milk soap and ground oatmeal, but the results will give your skin a boost of moisture that lasts long after the tub drains. This all natural bath product is safe for little ones as well, so no worries of any harsh irritating chemicals coming in contact with their skin.

We now have two bath mixtures with a light scent added for an extra aromatherapy experience! Calming lavender and relaxing sandalwood & orange are now available.

Simply add a couple scoops to your warm bath to create an all natural bubble bath with soothing oatmeal moisturizing benefits. Add a few drops of your favorite essential oil for an even more spa-like soak!

Packaged in an 8oz reusable glass mason jar to help in saving our planet of extra waste!  Each jar should yield 10-12+ baths depending on how many scoops desired. 

Ingredients: goat milk soap, rolled oats, essential oils (for scented varieties)

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